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Get Involved

As a self-run league there are lots of ways that you can get involved. Be it becoming a skater, referee, NSO, volunteer or sponsor; here's a run through of all the ways you could help us.

Become a Skater

Seen us in action and thought heck that looks like fun, how do I join? Well become a skater it's as simple as that and you can join us on the track! Whether you have skated before or have never skated in your life, once a year we hold our annual new skater intake (generally in September/October) and we teach you all the skating basics right through to the critical Derby skills to turn you into a fully fledged Derby Skater! If you're interested in joining then get in touch.


Come join the new skater intake page on Facebook to be kept up-to-date with the details for the next 2020 Intake, starting early September!

Become a Referee

Like the sound of skating but don't fancy the contact aspect of Roller Derby? No problem! We're always looking to grow our Referee crew, to help keep us in check at training and of course on game day.


Referees are key to playing Roller Derby they keep count of the points being scored and call out any Penalties they see. They need a good level of knowledge about the rules and good attention to detail.


If you can skate already great, but if not we'll teach you how to skate and our Ref crew will teach you all the rules and tips to being a Derby Ref!

Become a Non-Skating Official

Want to help out and be involved with our bout days and training, however you don't fancy skating? That's ok too! At every bout there are an army of NSO's who are critical to the smooth running of the day.


NSO's do a variety of roles from keeping track of penalties incurred, points scored, skaters playing in each jam, to starting each jam and being in charge of the game clock!


You don't need to know how to do these roles to join, our very own Head NSO will teach you everything you need to know and you can practice at training.

Become a Volunteer

None of the above the appeal as you'd prefer not to be on track? Don't fear there are many other ways you can help as we also have an army of people offtrack helping things run super efficiently! On game days we're always looking for volunteers to help set up, announce, film and photograph, run the raffle and more.

Become a Sponsor

SWAT are a not-for-profit league committed to promoting Roller Derby in the UK. Currently ranked 13th in the UK and 28th in Europe.


Roller Derby offers a unique opportunity to promote your brand via one of the fastest growing athletic and engaging sports in the UK.


Interested in sponsoring us? Get in touch here to request a sponsorship pack.

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