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Clifton Road Games our 2019 Platinum Sponsor

SWAT are proud to be working again with Clifton Road Games for 2019. 


Clifton Road Games are based in Exeter and have been following our progress from the South West League Series through to the British Championships. After experiencing the thrill of being in the audience at live games, as well as seeing the dedication and hard work that goes into not only playing but organising bouts, (all of which are funded by the skaters) they wanted to get involved but without actually putting on skates!


We are very excited to be working with them throughout our new season!




SWAT welcome new clothing brand - Ruby Fury as Bronze Sponsor! 
SWAT are proud to announce - ReBoot Roller Discos as Bronze Sponsor
SWAT are pleased to introduce - W.S. Plumbing & Heating Services as Bronze Sponsor
ws plumbing logo 2014(1).JPG
SWAT are proud to wear TSG helmets.

The company are the official helmet sponsors for SWAT Roller Derby in 2015 and the skaters wear the Evolution design.


TSG says "Your body and your brain are the two most valuable assets you have, so we invest in the best design, materials and construction technologies possible to protect them. So when you're putting your body on the line, you’ll do so knowing your protective gear is 100% team tested and lab certified”


SWAT ride with the best!