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SWAT Promoted to Tier 2 of British Champs

High flying local Roller Derby team the South West Angels of Terror successfully secured Promotion to Tier Two within the British Championships following a gruelling series of Games held at Birmingham Futsal within Tier 3 Playoffs at the weekend following months of qualifying games against other South West teams.

The first round saw the undefeated Angels playing against evenly matched Liverpool Roller Birds . LRB quickly took the lead as SWAT jammers fought through the strong walls . Both teams traded the lead throughout the game and were never more than a few points apart. SWAT looked strong as they gradually increased the lead for it to be grabbed back by LRB . SWAT remained focused and secured a victory of 133 to LRB's 129 .

After a short break SWAT played Cambridge's Romsey Town Roller Billies . The Angels started slow against their opponents who quickly took an impressive lead holding on to it throughout the majority of the game. RTRB continued pull away however as always the SWAT Jammers found some inner strength and managed to turn the score around , right to the last few minutes of play when RTRB stole back the victory winning by just 10 points . Despite the outcome SWAT displayed their customary coolness under pressure and disciplined play right to the end.

The final game SWAT faced Belfast Roller Derby , for 3rd and 4th place . By now fatigue was beginning to show and playing three tough back to back games were taking its toll. BRD took advantage of the tiring team taking an early lead and stayed there throughout. The gruelling game saw SWAT against extra strong walls and very hard hitting blockers . Although 3rd place was rapidly slipping away they persevered right to the end . Final score SWAT 57 v BRD 233.

SWAT's amazing efforts within the British Championships have earned them Promotion to Tier 2 . The girls can hold their head up high having achieved their aim of Promotion for the following season.

Photo Credit: Graeme Willetts

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